Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Smaller versions of adults

Can I just tell you guys how awkward it is to say that you're pregnant? The words just don't seem to flow out of my mouth very well. And all of the alternatives seem way too cheesy. "We're expecting a little bundle of joy!" or "I've got a bun in the oven if ya know what I mean!" just seems like something a terrible actress on a terrible movie with a terrible script might say.

Let me rewind a bit... we've known since New Year's Eve but because we had already planned to see my family at the end of January, we decided to wait and tell them in person which meant waiting to tell everyone since we wanted our families to know first.

Keeping a secret that big for a month is REALLY difficult. I almost blew it a few times. But we managed to keep it (mostly) a secret and the night before we flew to LA to tell my fam, we told Brian's family.
My mom screamed and totally disregarded the scarf that I had made and wrapped up with the ultrasound pic. I think she was a little more excited about the grandkid than the scarf. My older sister didn't get it even though the pic was on my parent's refrigerator and then even after looking at it for a few minutes FINALLY went "Ohhhhh..." and then hugged me and cried. My little sister screamed and then demanded to know why I didn't tell her right after I found out. (I told you she's been asking and asking and asking and asking me if I'm pregnant yet...) Oh and my dad started planning the treehouse he's going to build for his not-so-imaginary grandkid who probably won't even be able to use it for awhile.

Telling them was so much fun and SUCH a relief. So NOW I finally get to tell you guys... it's harder than you think when you write a blog that's just your thoughts and all your thoughts happen to be about a little baby growing in your belly and you're not allowed to share those thoughts. Suddenly it's much more difficult to write blog posts so forgive me.

So far (all moms: prepare to hate me):
  • no morning sickness, vomiting or nausea. I know! I've heard horror stories and even my NP says it's very rare to not have any of those with a first pregnancy but here I am enjoying every bit of this pregnancy so far!
  • I haven't gained any weight but none of my pants fit (evidently your uterus doubles in size so it turns out it wasn't all that junk I ate over Christmas) so I bet you can guess what I did...
  • I bought a bunch of maternity clothes from Old Navy! And... I'm sending 3/4 of it back. Those pictures are very deceiving and I was extremely disappointed with how everything fit (seems way too huge now but it looks like in a few months it wouldn't even fit over a bulging belly).
  • I'm 11.5 weeks. I thought when we went to our doctor's appointment 2 weeks ago that she was going to say 6-7 weeks but turns out I'm farther along than I thought.
  • We saw the baby move. It was weird.
  • We heard it's heartbeat. It was fast.
  • We are REALLY trusting the Lord for a lot of things including this baby's health and salvation, a job for my husband and hopefully even a house. But God knows exactly what we need and He's taken very good care of us this far so no reason to doubt Him now!
  • I have yet to take any belly pics or Week ## pics but maybe I'll get around to that in a few months when I actually start to show. We all know how good I am at remembering to take pictures... :) Right now it just looks like I ate too much food. Cute, right?
  • My parents are already spoiling this grandchild by offering to buy it any and everything it needs (which will come in handy when we are needing a $500 stroller).
  • I've fainted nearly several times looking at the prices for baby stuff. Seriously. They are making a KILLING off of baby gear.
  • I've registered for this diaper bag that I thought was a purse that turned out to be a diaper bag and now I have an excuse to own it.
  • I'm finally starting to pin baby things on Pinterest. (Or repin the things that I had to disguise under other things but were really baby things...)
  • I still can't really believe that someone is growing inside me. Weird.