Monday, October 13, 2014

A Friday List. On Monday.

Well my Friday list is actually going to be a Monday list, but eh, you know how it goes...
  • I've started running on the treadmill again because I'm still 20 lbs over my original weight (which was 10 lbs over what I'd like to be). And by running, I mean walking quickly with short bursts of sprinting in between. It usually goes like this "I'll sprint for 1 minute when the timer reaches 3:00. (10 seconds of sprinting go by)... "I'll sprint for 15 seconds." But hey, I have to start somewhere and I'm motivated by the many pairs of pants in my closet just begging to be worn this winter. It's still debatable if leggings qualify as pants so I really need to fit into my normal jeans again.
  •  My 30th birthday is in 4 weeks. It happens to land on a Sunday which is nice because there's not much else I'd like to do on my birthday than go to church, worship the One who's kept me alive this long and then spend the day relaxing. But I won't say no to a lunch date at my favorite sushi restaurant.... too bad Brian doesn't read my blog. I'm going to have to drop some subtle hints like "Hey, take me to Blue Nami for my birthday lunch. Please."
  • If you're going to surprise me with a present, please let it be fat-free cheesecake that tastes EXACTLY like the fatty kind. What's that? It doesn't exist? Well, it wouldn't be a surprise then, now would it?
  • One wall of the girls' bathroom shower is tiled! We went with a perpendicular herringbone pattern and I LOVE it. I think we've finally gotten back into our work groove so here's hoping we'll have 2 functioning bathrooms soon! (I tried to post my Instagram pic of it here but it won't let me and I'm too lazy to do it from my phone so.... follow me on Instagram. :)
  • Allie is still figuring out going #2 in the toilet. Long story short, her Cinderella underwear ended up in the sink needing to be washed. After we finished up in the bathroom, I grabbed the underwear to go toss in the washing machine and she points at it and says matter-of-factedly "I pooped on Cinderella." Yes. Yes you did. Try not to be so proud of yourself, huh?
  • Another less gross Allie story, she is quite the chatterbox these days. The other day, Maddie was starting to squeal in her chair and Allie says "Maddie's singing." I agreed and suggested she teach her a song. So she starts "Trust and obey... way, no, no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey. Pray, Maddie? God... loves Allie. Bed. Eat. Amen!" I wish I could say I got this recorded on my phone but as soon as she sees the phone out, she stops everything and does her squishy face. It's only cute after the first 100,000 times. 
  • It is pretty cool seeing Allie and Maddie interact more. Maddie is such a happy baby and Allie loves to make her laugh. But Allie also loves to smother her in kisses and hugs so we're working on that. Poor Maddie. She gets smothered in kisses from everyone though. It's her fault for being so darn cute and kissable!! 
  • Happy Monday!