Friday, May 9, 2014

A Friday List

My Friday list is running a little late because usually I write it on Thursday in time to post on Friday but whatevs.
  • We returned from our quick trip to So Cal. It was too short, of course. 
  • We partied on behalf of my nephew (who ended up needing a nap during his own birthday party, but what else can you expect from a 1-year-old?) I also probably ate too many cupcakes. 
  • We went to Grace Community... I forgot how much I miss John's sarcasm. 
  • We squeezed in some visits with old friends and the kids involved only had a few meltdowns. When we were leaving one friend's house, Allie acted like she was instant bff's with their daughter (who is 3 months younger) and they decided to hug it out like they were really going to miss each other. Even though they had pretty much ignored each other the whole time we were there. Weirdos.
  • We went to Disneyland and Allie loved the carousel so much she threw a fit when it ended and we had to get off. I know, kid. I feel like that every time I have to leave Disneyland. I feel your pain.
  • And then we came home and somehow I'm supposed to adjust back to normal life. Pfft.
  • I did manage to do all most of the laundry. 
  • And eat some more ice cream. It'll go bad if I don't.
  • Brian's dad flew in the day after we got back so the good news is, our front and back yard no longer look like a crazy wilderness AND we're hoping in the 2 weeks he's here, he and Brian can make a dent in our crazy to-do list. 
  • 6 more weeks until I have this baby. I'm not panicking or anything, but hoping and praying that we at least have a functional kitchen by then. But it wouldn't be us if it wasn't down to the wire, right? I'm guessing days before my due date, we'll have to make a 3-hour trip to Ikea and then it'll be Allie's birth story all over again. 
  • Which reminds me, anyone want to be on call to come hang out with our toddler while the baby makes her entrance? Brian's ideas so far are to bring Allie with us. I don't even need to tell you how terrible of an idea that is and I think the look I gave him convinced him we wouldn't be doing that.
Happy Friday!