Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Making progress

We are in crunch time mode. T-minus 3 weeks until my due date (here's hoping Baby Girl decides to take her time). And yes, before you ask, her name is going to be Girl. Just kidding. We have a "maybe" name in mind, but we'll see what happens when she actually makes her debut. My spare time has been spent building Ikea cabinets, painting, making runs to Home Depot, and sleeping. And by sleeping, I mean flipping side to side and back and forth in bed while pretending to sleep.

I won't bore you with the details of all the work we've been doing (because, really, it's not that interesting) but I will tell you that the kitchen cabinet frames are in and it looks like we might make our deadline after all! We actually put together all the perimeter cabinet frames in one night so it's moving along pretty quickly. It would appear we're on the tail end of all the dust causing stuff too so I'll probably be spending the last few weeks of this pregnancy doing some major cleaning and unpacking. Huh. Why am I always unpacking the last few weeks of a pregnancy? Hopefully that's not a pattern...

On Saturday, when Brian said we were ready to start building cabinets, I was like, wait... what? I'm not ready! The last 3 months have been spent doing tedious little things that now the big things seem like they're happening so fast! But this is all good. We're that much closer and there seem to be fewer hiccups and surprises happening. Although getting the cabinets level was... exciting. It took Brian a whole day to do what probably could've been done in 2 hours had everything lined up properly. But that's old houses for you.

As usual, I'm making a to do list for all the things that I'd really like to accomplish before the baby comes. I'm feeling pretty good about getting this all done... did I just jinx myself?
  • Nursery
    • Install closet system, new outlets/switches and fan (Brian will do all this)
    • Unpack and organize Allie's stuff and newborn stuff
    • Make blackout curtains (I already have Ikea Lenda curtains and the blackout fabric so I just need to throw some Heat 'n Bond in between them. Easy peasy.)
  • Kitchen
    • Install range hood, counters, sink and faucet (Brian will do all this)
    • Install all the shelves, drawers, and doors in/on the kitchen cabinets (Yay for stuff that 37 week pregnant women can handle!)
    • Build island wall and install island cabinets and counter (Again, stuff for Brian, although I'll probably help build the cabinets)
    • Install handles and knobs on doors and drawers
    • Buy and install open shelves (since we didn't do any upper cabinets)
    • Unpack and organize kitchen stuff
Brian starts his paternity leave the week before my due date so I actually feel like we'll be able to get this all done. I have a feeling throwing a newborn in the mix is going to slow down our productivity for awhile.  I'll try to pop in with some pictures once we knock this list out and I can sit and breathe/think again for a minute.

It's Wednesday. The munchkin is singing the wake up song of her people in her crib and we have a lot to do today. *Breathe... Breathe... Breathe... and... here... we... go...