Monday, January 23, 2012

Can you tell me how to get.... to Sesame Street?

Today is brought to you by the number 1 and the letter S.

1 is the number of times I've been to the gym in the past 2 weeks.

1 is also the number of Oreo milkshakes my husband brought to me on Sunday afternoon (which incidentally is a nice way to wake up from a nap).

1 is the number of crocheting projects I've actually finished.

1 is also the number of crocheting projects I've thrown across the room in frustration. (Curse those patterns!)

1 is the number of packages I'm awaiting in the mail. And guess what? It's clothes. Ssshhhhh... don't tell anyone.

S stands for Stephanie. (That's me.)

S is for Silly times I have with my husband that make me so thankful for him.

S is for Steaks of which I've had several in the past week.

S is for Scale which I've avoided until this morning and then it hurt my feelings so now I'm mad at it.

S is for Somebody tell me it's Friday already.

Did I ever tell you guys I learned how to tie my shoes from watching Sesame Street? True story. That Ernie really knows what he's doing when it comes to laces.