Monday, January 16, 2012

My So-Called Life

Things I forgot at home today:
  • my current crocheting project (another scarf - I'll share deets on the one I already made later this week).
  • paperwork for the guy who's going to help us get pre-approved for a house loan.
  • my brain.
  • my heart. Actually my husband took that with him to work this morning. *Insert "awww..." or "ewww" depending on your relationship status.* Sorry for having the best husband EVER!!! 
Things we are currently up to on this end of the world:
  • finding a closer-to-home job (this one is for my husband and it's proving to be tough but we're just praying and trusting the Lord!)
  • finding a house to live in. Preferably a dumpy one where I won't feel bad ripping everything out and starting with a fresh clean slate. Also, preferably one where the nearest neighbor isn't literally an arms reach from any window. Also, preferably one where there is original wood flooring but ok I realize this one is a bit much to ask for. I'll settle for wood laminate (a.k.a. the fake stuff).
  • planning another trip to LA to see family (we just can't get enough of those guys). Also, my little sister has threatened to disown me if I don't bring her the scarf I made for her. As a Christmas gift. Okay, she hasn't threatened, but she has definitely been persistent in asking me how it's coming along. The good news is that I finally finished it yesterday and I decided to wear it to church and I got many compliments and even 2 requests to have their own handmade scarf by yours truly! I told them I'd have the scarves ready by July. So let's add "crocheting for life" to this list. And yes, I'm allowed to wear this scarf before giving it to my sister because she's my sis and she's not gonna be using it for 2 weeks. Plus it's my arthritic hands that crocheted it! (I'd be the worst Etsy Shop Owner ever...)
  • High School Ministry. Lots of planning. Does anyone have fun games for High School kids? I seem to remember having lots of fun playing games in High School group but I can't seem to remember what the games were. I suppose that's not too bad considering it was a decade ago.
  • no internet. Much like the man who's dream we are celebrating today, I too have a dream. That one day we will have unencumbered internet service and that Pinterest would be unblocked from work. Sadly, I don't think my dream is as noble as MLK Jr.'s but I hope it's not unattainable.
  • laundry. Seriously. Never. Ending. Laundry.
  • the gym. Today will be my first day back after a month off. After 2 weeks of being sick, I had no excuse to not go so I've really got to kick my butt back into gear because we all know summer (and shorts) are just around the corner.
Joey: Geez Ross, how much do you weigh!?!?!
Ross: I'd prefer not to answer that right now, I'm still carrying a little holiday weight.
  • football. I have to admit I was pouting yesterday because the Packers lost. (My husband even refused to watch the last five minutes of the game.) To be honest, the only reason I like Aaron Rogers and Clay Matthews is because they're funny and they make funny commercials. Which is also why I like Allstate. Mayhem is my favorite commercial guy.
  • blogging. Finally. It's good to be back. :)