Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Rainy Friday

Today I got to pull out my rainboots for the first time this year. Every skier or snowboarder in Nor Cal will tell you that this is some much needed weather. Apparently Tahoe hasn't been without snow this late in the season for like a hundred years or something exaggerated like that.

Not that I care because I've had my bout with snowboarding and let's just say, it's not worth it. The cold butt, the chapped face, the sore muscles... I'll be the one curled up next to the fire with a good book and some hot chocolate, thanks.

Which reminds me... does anyone want to buy a Burton snowboard? Lovingly used for 1 year and then gathered dust for 4 years. I'd include the bindings but I broke those (from all my mad boarding skiillllzzzz).

Today is finally Friday and one more week is going to drag by before we get to make a very highly anticipated trip to LA. This weekend we will be doing absolutely nothing, which is what we've been doing the past few weekends and it's been glorious.


I take that back.

I will be crocheting for LIFE (and picking up some more yarn for a few more scarf projects from Joann's). However, crocheting is fun and it's best to do it when you're snuggled on the couch under a blanket watching a movie. Having a bowl of cookie dough nearby helps too.

It's going to be a wonderful weekend. :)