Friday, January 6, 2012


Well I had plans to get back into blogging but then this week happened. Just after my last post, I was informed that my boss had passed away. She was 44 years old so it was by no means expected and it's been a rough week trying to pick up the pieces and keep working.

Everyone kept asking if I was okay, and I really was for the first few days. I was kind of on auto-pilot and just making sure things got done at work (especially after being gone for so long) that I don't think I really let it sink in. It just felt like she was on vacation and she'd be back.

Yesterday morning, my cold came back with a vengeance so I left work early and on my way home, the reality of it finally hit me and I just lost it. I think I scared Brian because I called him and all he could hear was me sobbing before I managed to choke out an "I'm okay".

Just so you guys know, crying for 30 minutes when you have a cold does not help anything except maybe the snot-producing factory in your sinuses.

In addition to that, our apartment was a bigger mess than I thought and it took longer to crawl out from under the laundry pile than I had imagined. Plus our modem gave out again and I'm just so exasperated with Motorola, I'm not even going to try to deal with it. (Fortunately, my husband is all over that problem.)

All that to say that today I am going to steal a note from Mrs. Britt and just be thankful. I'm thankful for my salvation and that God chose me to be His. I'm thankful that He gives me grace daily and in abundance. I'm thankful that He has given me His Word to comfort, guide and strengthen my heart. I'm thankful that He blessed me with such a wonderful man to be my husband who gets to hold and comfort me when I'm crying, and my nose is running out of control and my face looks like a punching bag. (He's a lucky guy, that one.)

And I'm thankful for you guys! :)

Have a great weekend!