Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Pinterest Meal

In the past few weeks I've been pinning food ideas like mad because a) I'm tired of making the same thing every week and b) I am a little bit addicted to Pinterest.

Last night I decided to try the first experimental Pinterest recipe. I was nervous because we've had some disastrous "new recipes" before from PW (who I'm beginning to lose faith in) and when a whole dinner is ruined, there's not much you can do about it except eat ice cream.

Pinterest Recipe #1

Pinterest Recipe #2

I am very pleased to report that these two combined were sooooooo delicious. I made homemade marinara instead of using the jarred stuff but other than that I stuck to the recipes. The pepperoni's add just the right amount of kick to a spaghetti like dish. It was so yummy I had to literally force myself to stop eating it because when your stomach says you're full but your mouth wants to keep tasting the goodness, it never ends well.

My husband cleaned his plate off in 5 minutes and even had a hard time believing I made the breadsticks from scratch. Husband impressed: check. Husband gets seconds: check. Husband happy: check. Recipe = success!

Here's my cool instagram pic of it because I was too hungry to get a real camera...