Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pregnancy thoughts so far

Things to NOT say to a pregnant woman: "I'm surprised you're already showing!"

Things that no longer fit: my size 8 jeans from Old Navy. Does it matter that they didn't really fit before?

Things I crave: nothing out of the ordinary. What can I say, I've always been a lover of food...

Things I pretend to crave so that I can eat them without feeling too guilty: ice cream and Ruffles chips (with sour cream) and stuffed mushrooms (recipe tomorrow)

Pounds gained: 10 as of this morning

Pounds that are actually from making a baby: probably 2-3

Pounds that are from me being lazy and not working out and pretending to crave things like Ruffles: the other 7-8

Baby update: 19 weeks, about 6-7 inches long and not quite 1/2 a pound

Things I'm impatiently waiting for:
  • the stroller that we ordered (courtesy of my very generous parents!!! Thanks Mom and Dad a.k.a. Grandma and Grandpa Bell!),
  • the ultrasound tomorrow in which we find out if this baby is a boy or girl, (I keep saying "in which we find out what it is" and my husband keeps responding "Yeah, we could find out that it's an alien growing in there and not even a human.") 
  • a real belly so I don't just look like a fatty anymore but like an actual pregnant lady,
  • our first baby shower in May because we'll be in LA with family, we'll go to Disneyland and I'll get cheesecake.
Things that are weirding me out so far: my DREAMS. I'm telling you there have been some weird ones where I just wonder how in the world my brain is coming up with these scenarios. Like being on Indiana Jones and there's animatronic raptors (which there are not). And the guide tells us "you have to feed them chocolate to pacify them" so my sister does even though I try telling her they're not real but she insists that she has to "just in case". And then I freak out because I'm not supposed to ride Indiana Jones because I'm pregnant. Or a dream where I go to downtown LA with my mom and all I'm wearing is a towel because I just showered. And I think to myself "I should've put on something warmer" as if it's totally normal to wear a towel. I won't tell you about the nightmares because those are terrifying and have me waking up clenching the sheets, drenched in sweat. Also weirding me out: my sudden inability to spell words. I've been a champion speller since the 1st grade (I have trophies to prove it) and all of a sudden, I can't even spell beautiful.

Thoughts in general: pregnancy is easy! Hahaha...jk. But seriously. Aside from being sleepy at weird times in the day and having strange and terrifying dreams, I haven't really noticed anything out of the ordinary. I'm sure that will change in the weeks to come but so far it's been nice and smooth sailing so bring it on baby!

My Instagram baby bump pic: