Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally Friday

This weekend I will be:
  • going to Babies 'R Us and Target to test some strollers and finalize registries (since invites for our first shower are going out on Monday).
  • purging my closet once again. I've already cleared out 3 trash bags of clothes and I feel as if I haven't really made a dent. One more purge oughta do it.
  • crocheting. Because I love it!
  • having a date night with my husband which doesn't really mean anything now that we're saving money but if I call it "date night" it feels special. :)
  • laying out. It'll be a blistering 75 degrees!!! But seriously after months of frigid weather I'm so excited the sun will be making an appearance this weekend!!!
  • losing an hour of sleep. What!?!?! I always dislike this part of daylight savings. Why can't we just always gain an hour and then in 24 years lose a day? Like leap year?
  • filling out this baby book that I ordered. They were doing some 50% off thing that day so $12.50 and a few days later I got this adorable box and book!

Also yesterday I received our first baby gift (from my awesome ex-roommate Sarah - remember I styled her family/newborn shoot here) and I have to admit at first I was like "awwww..." and then my husband and I were like "Whoa. Something that tiny is going to be here in a few months." And it was size 3-6 months so the real life baby will be even tinier! Crazy.

Have a lovely weekend!