Monday, March 12, 2012

Recreating restaurant meals

Now that we're pretending to live on one income, our eating out has really taken a hit as in it doesn't happen at all anymore. I will be honest, this was a really, really hard habit to break but I'm making do by recreating my favorite restaurant recipes.

In a recent low point of really wanting Rubio's fish tacos, I was determined to make them from scratch instead of spending $15 for a meal for 2.

I think it's no surprise that I turned to Pinterest to find a copycat recipe.

Sorry for the tiny pictures - that's what was on the website. I used a bottle of Black Butte Porter that we got at Bev Mo! since we didn't want to pay for a 6-pack. Tilapia was the fish of choice and we opted for no pico de gallo since neither of us likes it very much.

It was.... delicious!!! I used my really tall 12-quart stockpot for frying (filled about 1/2 an inch with oil) because oil splashing everywhere scares me. It took a few pieces to get the frying process right but none of them burned and none of them were undercooked. We had a little bit of batter left over even though I recalculated based on the pieces we were actually making. All in all it was a total success that cost us about $5 so in your face Rubio's!

I will say this: this is a very filling meal. I had 2 tacos and some refried beans and I felt like I overate which is not normal for my fish-taco-loving stomach.

And here's my normal I'm-too-hungry-for-real-cameras Instagram pic of food: