Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby Bump Update

25 weeks
Hey look! I got dressed AND put on makeup! I almost look put together... I could've done my hair but let's face it: photo shoots in bathrooms are not that fancy. Also, I had to hold the phone in my right hand so I could put my other hand on my hip so that my arm wouldn't look fat. I know. It's weird. But I can't be the only girl who does this.
Officially starting to show. Here's what happened: we flew down to So Cal on Saturday for a family baby shower. I didn't look like I was pregnant. I had only gained 15 lbs this whole pregnancy. My grandma insisted I was having a boy because if it was a girl, I would be more "pancon" (which is "big bellied" in Spanish). Then I ate 48 mini tacos and some cheesecake. Then I proceeded to continue eating, non-stop, the whole time we were there. We went to Disneyland and I had popcorn AND ice cream. In a dipped waffle cone. All weekend long I ate the worst junk food: pizza, ice cream, tamales, buffalo wings and of course, the legendary Original Tommy's Chili Burger.
If you don't see the shack... take it back.
We came home and here's the update: I literally gained 5 lbs being in LA. I've been told that I'm finally showing and it now hurts to bend over too far. I really think my belly doubled in size over the weekend. Insta-baby-bump. But after that first, fat fry dipped in greasy chili, I knew it was totally worth it.

  • Pounds gained: 20
  • Clothes no longer fit. Not that it really matters because I've been wearing maternity clothing since before I was pregnant (because they're cute clothes, not because I'm fat). 
  • What is a craving? Is that an excuse to have junk food? Because if so, then I crave everything.
  • Baby update: a little over a foot long and weighs just about a pound and a half. She got lots of clothes from the baby shower but surprisingly not much of the necessities. It's ok because, as my daughter, it's more important that she look good anyway. Which is why after college I lived off of Ramen noodles and coffee and spent the rest of my money on clothes. She is squirming and kicking like CRAZY and it still weirds me out. The dreams have toned down a bit but there's still random weirdness. Like I dreamt that my little sister tried making mashed potatoes and she just stuck 2 potatoes in an empty pot (without water) and put it on high for 30 minutes. Oh and then after receiving like 8 pairs of adorable socks from my aunt at the shower, I dreamt that the baby was born really big (like a 6 month old - that makes 2 times I've had the "born as a 6 month old" dream) and none of the socks fit her and I was really concerned about how cold her feet would be. Yeah. Weird.