Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Planes, trains and automobiles

A few weeks ago, my husband said he needed to check the cars. I said "For what?" He looked at me and just shook his head. Evidently you're supposed to do regular checks on stuff for your car to keep it in good condition. I always went with the "Use it until it breaks, then pay someone to fix it" method but whatev. Or when something breaks then you decide if you really need it. I drove 2 years without a working thermostat/compass in my truck because let's face it: I'm a girl. I've spent my whole life not knowing which direction I'm going and that's what the sun and the mountains are for. And the north star. Plus $300 to fix it sounded a bit ridiculous. I'll note that an hour on a Saturday and a manual is what it cost for Brian to fix that. Yay husbands!

Anyway, I'm at the tire store today. I've gotten so used to my husband handling all things relating to cars that I forgot how nervous it makes me to deal with it. I'm sure these guys aren't trying to take advantage of me but I feel a little bit helpless when they start telling me things that might as well be in Greek. Then I call my husband and try to relate what I just heard without leaving out important things. It's just a simple patch today but I just feel like girls get swindled when it comes to things they don't know about. If I went to a clothing store and someone tried to sell me a $900 dress because I need it, I'd laugh in their face because I know better than that. But sell me on $1,500 tires and scare me with stories of blowouts and the like? What do I know? Absolutely nothing.