Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Sweater

I've been looking for a plain and simple sweater for Baby Girl that you would maybe find at Baby Gap except I had no intention of paying $30+ for one. (Also, Baby Girl is her official name as of right now. Cute, right? Until she's like 30. Then not so much probably. But by then she can pick her own name.)

I finally decided to attempt crocheting one last night. Turns out these things are pretty easy to crank out... As for size, I was comparing it to a 3 month hoodie that we already have for her. This involved lots of trial and error and crocheting for an hour then pulling out rows of work, which would've driven my husband crazy if he had been home. But I think I was pretty pleased with the end result...
5.5mm hook; half-double crochet
I'm thinking of adding some toggles maybe? Or a hood?
Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

Or a collar with some buttons?

I guess the possibilities are endless and I still have a ways to go before I get a sweater that's as cool looking as these ones (although I think those are knit and I'm way better at crochet so I might never get one as cool looking as those...).