Monday, May 21, 2012

Epiphanies and Jessie's girl

Things that happen when you wake up at 3:45 in the morning and can't fall back asleep:
  • You check Facebook as if the rest of the world is also alive and doing things that early in the morning. (They're not.)
  • You lower the brightness setting on your phone because the screen is starting to burn your eyes. 
  • Your baby starts kicking you like crazy just in case you were thinking of dozing off. In fact, it feels more like she's doing the wave in there and bouncing off the walls.
  • You shift to your left side.
  • You have an epiphany about nursery decor.
  • You watch 30, 45, 55 minutes go by. 
  • You have to pee again (which is incidentally what woke you up in the first place). 
  • You shift to your right side. 
  • You inexplicably have the song "Jessie's girl" in your head which annoys you to no end. 
  • You try to remember the weird dream you had so you can freak your husband out later.
  • You ponder the great mysteries of life. 
  • You shift to your left side again. 
  • You wonder if this is your body's way of preparing you for having to be awake and feeding a newborn at this unholy hour. 
  • You start thinking about a house you looked at with your husband and where you would put all the furniture if this house became yours. 
  • You look again at the clock and realize an hour and a half has gone by. 
  • You try to think of baby names. 
  • You think about the used glider you're getting and how painful it's going to be to sand all those dowels. Too bad your nursery epiphany means the glider has to be stained. 
  • You remember that your mother suffers from this "waking up at 4 in the morning" business and pray that it's not hereditary.
  • You just start to doze off when your husband's alarm goes off and you decide you didn't really need that sleep anyway.