Friday, September 13, 2013

5 Fashion Trends I Can't Get On Board With

I love fashion. In my past life (like before I got married and had a baby), I was ready to move to New York to pursue a career as a buyer. Like Rachel's job on Friends. That was like my dream job. Anyway, life happened so now I just pin fashionable outfits while sitting in my oversized tee and leggings.

Still, there are some things that I can't stand - although some of these things look great on other people, I've just never been one to pull them off.

1. Birkenstocks Ohhh before you think I'm crazy, check out this Vogue article. In the words of Pinterest, "Go home, fashion. You're drunk."
The 90's called. They want their terrible idea back. Speaking of the 90's...

2. High waisted cut-off shorts I NEVER thought this terrible fad would come back until I spotted it on every Jr. High girl at the mall. Not only does it look awkward, but talk about having a wedgie all the time.

3. Blazers Okay, before you ignore me - I LOVE blazers... on other women. To me, it feels like I'm wearing a straight jacket. And I don't like feeling all trapped, you know, in case I get attacked from behind and I need to flail my arms above my head. It could happen.

4. A button-up shirt with a sweater over Again, another look that looks adorable on other women but makes me feel like I'm being strangled by my clothes.

5. Oxfords This one I don't get at all and I think it's just me. I've seen so many women, even fashionable friends of mine, have these shoes. My college roommate even mentioned she had a pair which is why I included them in the style post the other day but I personally would chose a pair of plain cognac flats before I bought a pair of these.
So what do you guys think? Am I just totally unfashionable and now you'll never read my blog again? Or do you agree that Birkenstocks are quite possibly the worst thing ever to happen to the fashion world?