Monday, September 30, 2013

A Modern Bedroom

Sometimes I get texts from friends or family asking for my design advice. Usually it's for clothes but every once in awhile I get consulted on home decor.

This past weekend, I had a text from my friend Jen asking for help on choosing a duvet cover. The decision turned into designing her whole bedroom. I've only done a mood board for a room once or twice, but I felt confident enough in my skills to put one together for her. Besides it's not like I'm a professional and worst case scenario... she hates it and begrudges me for the rest of our lives.

A Modern Bedroom

They already have the offset striped duvet cover from West Elm, so she asked me to put together something that revolved around that. I'm also pretty certain they still have the Malm furniture from Ikea so I wanted to make sure I incorporated that as well, without making everything clash.

I couldn't decide which mirror or rug to pick. I thought the yellow and white rug would maybe be too much pattern thrown together with the cover and pillows but it just looked so cool, I couldn't bring myself to delete it.

I also initially liked a warm wood mirror to go with the dresser and bed, but the gold one had such a cool texture and went well with the retro vibe. But then I always have a soft spot for captain mirrors so.... yeah.

Lastly, their bedroom doesn't get a ton of light so I tried to keep the accessories either white or yellow (except for the cool retro chair). 

And... now I'm questioning my whole design idea for our room.