Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Friday thoughts on a Wednesday

  • Brian finally hung closet rods in the office/guest bedroom. I wasted no time in hanging all our clothing (which had been living in trash bags on our bedroom floor). I never realized the luxury of being able to hang clothes until we didn't have it for a month. The office is the closest to being completely done so every now and then, I walk past and just sigh contentedly.
  • Speaking of the house, we've had a few people drop by and the response is always "Wow... you guys have a lot to do." We gave Brian's parents a tour of their former home and his dad said it looked like we were living in a third world country. It was funny but also made me realize things could be a LOT worse and to go without a few comforts (like, you know, finished floors) for awhile is a small, teeny, tiny, eensy, weensy sacrifice.
  • I've realized something though... trying to keep concrete floors clean is like trying to fill a sieve with water. So I've given up and as a result, it's become a nightly ritual to shake the concrete dust out of Allie's clothes. And Allie. 
  • Yesterday she threw a temper tantrum performance. And I say performance because she checked to see if I was watching. Twice. She can be a bit dramatic sometimes and I have no idea where she gets that from.   ....   ....
  • Whenever I see inspirational home decor on Pinterest, it always makes me have a sarcastic response. Like "No, time didn't stand still when you had a baby." Or "Keep calm? Don't you ever tell me how to live my life!" Or "In this house... we don't make lists of all the things we do in this house."
  • We have project A.D.D. We're simultaneously working on the kitchen, bathroom, and office. We have our reasons but I think the kitchen is taking the lead, especially because the sooner we have a functional kitchen, the better. 
  • I also have crochet project A.D.D. I'm simultaneously working on 2 blankets, a sweater, 2 hats, and a giraffe. This is totally normal though, right? I'm pretty sure this is normal. 
  • I just heard Allie wake up. Meaning it was quiet (except for the pouring rain) and suddenly, I hear a small voice cry out "Shooooes!!!" ???
  • I just found a bottle of vanilla under my pillow. I don't even know.
So that's where my brain is. House stuff. Baby stuff. Chocolate. Cake. Sushi. Mmm...