Wednesday, April 16, 2014

House Update: The Pantry Install

We have a pantry. Hallelujah!

We decided to do the kitchen in phases because that would make going without counter space and a sink for a few weeks a little easier. Brian also decided to install a clean out sink in the garage so that we wouldn't really be without a sink. I mean, I did consider washing dishes in a tub out in the front yard, you know, Little House on the Prairie style, but when he decided he wanted a clean out sink in the garage anyway, I decided to go along with it.

Anyway, the pantry went up next so that we could have somewhere to store all the food that had been sitting on the floors or on the counters for the past 6 weeks. I didn't unpack food into the cabinets because they needed to be cleaned. But since they're being replaced, there was no reason to clean something that was going to be ripped out. So the pantry food sat in reusable bags on the floor of our kitchen.

Before... With a wall and tiny pantry...

Minus the wall...

Now. NOW. Behold... I got so excited to get an after pic that I took the picture before Brian put on the handles. But you can imagine black handles on the doors, right?

It's actually still not done. It needs toe kick and trim on the left side and top (which will go all the way to the ceiling to give it a built in look) and there will be a cabinet installed above the fridge with a panel to cover the side of the fridge. Since those are finishing touches, they'll be put on hold while we focus on the kitchen.