Friday, April 11, 2014

House Shopping: Rugs Edition

Since we decided to do laminate floors throughout the whole house, I've been searching for some area rugs for the bedrooms and living room. I actually much prefer having an area rug that you can vacuum, shake out, and remove. When we saw the amount of dust that was hiding under the carpets that we pulled out of this house, I was fully convinced that I will never install carpet in another house ever, ever again. Ever. Never. Okay, just making my point.

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Master Bedroom

Option 1:

Rubicon Jute Rug

I finally found the perfect rug for our bedroom while dream shopping on West Elm. I was looking for a natural jute rug but I was hoping to tie in some white without it looking too pattern-y. I've read that having calm, neutral colors and textures in bedrooms encourages rest and relaxation. I have no idea if that's true but it all sounds good to me. I also wanted something that wouldn't be too fluffy, just enough for our feet to not hit cold floors first thing in the morning.

The only problem with this rug is it costs $599 for an 8'x10' which is waaayyyy out of our budget. I'm hoping I can find something similar for like half the price (or maybe even DIY a paint pattern on an all jute rug?) Or that everyone else will hate this rug and West Elm will be forced to give them away.

Option 2: 

Another option for our bedroom is to do 2 runners with an accent rug at the foot of the bed. I scored 2 of these runners at Target for $20 each (they don't have them online so that explains the crummy iPhone pictures on concrete floor).

They had a matching accent rug that was the same pattern (for $10!) but then I spotted this one right underneath that was $17. I decided to come home with both knowing that they'd be used somewhere.

I also figured that if I don't use runners in the bedroom, they might work in the hallway. We'll see...

Office/Guest Room

Detailed View

I'm going for a similar vibe for the office/guest room rug. I want something that will be flat and easy to clean, and basically just provide a little warmth and dimension. This rug at West Elm is actually my other backup for our bedroom in case my dream rug never turns out to be given to me for free. At a lower price with a similar jute/white pattern, it should fit in perfectly to either room.

Living Room

Option 1:
ALVINE RUTA Rug, flatwoven IKEA Handwoven by skilled craftspeople, and therefore unique.
This one is from Ikea, but is surprisingly pricey for a fairly small rug. I like the yellow accents especially because that's what I'm leaning towards for the living room area. However, I'd rather have a nice big 8'x10' since we have a huge sectional and I don't want the rug to look dwarfed by it. Either way, I'm keeping it on the back-burner.

Option 2:

MIAC Santa Fe Rain Wool Rug

This rug is actually on sale right now but still slightly over our budget. Plus I'm not completely sold on it. PLUS since the living room is like the farthest room from being done, I have plenty of time to keep shopping for a better deal and/or rug that might come along. Like this next one...


I first fell in love with this rug when I saw Dana over at House*Tweaking put it in her living room. But at $300 for a 5'x7' (plus the fact that it always seemed to be out of stock), it seemed like it would never happen. When I was shopping for a nursery rug, I definitely wanted something fluffy and soft that would be forgiving on baby skin. I had created an inspiration board with a few rugs from Ikea thinking I'd have to settle for something less than my dream rug based on our budget.

Thankfully, Rugs USA frequently has sales and come President's Day, I received an email for 70% off any rug. Yes, that means a $300 rug was going to be $90 with free shipping. As soon as I saw that, I frantically called and text'd Brian like it was an emergency. Because, let's face it, it basically was an emergency. He was unsure but his exact words were "If you think it's a good idea, I trust you." Boom. Done. Ordered. I didn't even have to think twice. I actually wish I had ordered 2 now but I suppose 2 of the same rugs in a house might be overkill.

Anyway, since the bedrooms still need to be painted, the floors are covered in rosin paper right now so I still have some time before making any final decisions (besides the nursery rug, which is still packaged up and stored in the office waiting to make it's debut). The office is done being painted but as you saw on Monday, it's full of boxes and furniture so putting down a rug is not high on the priority list.

And... if there's one thing I can do well, it's shop. Sometimes it means patiently impatiently waiting for a sale to happen so I can find that item I've been waiting for, all the while hoping it isn't out of stock. With the rugs being "big ticket" items, I'd hate to spend tons of money on something that I didn't love and then regret it especially if something better/cheaper came along later. I can be an impulse buyer, but Brian is definitely a wait/think/ponder life-in-general buyer so it actually balances out pretty nicely. (I mean, this is the guy who has literally been waiting 9 months to spend his birthday gift cards. And we all know that gift cards pretty much burn holes in my pockets.)