Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday nights are party nights

Well. The house is quiet and it's not even 8 pm. Allie just went down for the night and Brian left 45 minutes ago for a night shift.

Things I should do:
  • make my nephew's birthday banner
  • work on a project for Allie
  • fold laundry
  • dust (I still try even though I said I gave up)
  • wash dishes
  • make Brian's lunch for tomorrow
  • prep stuff for our weekend trip like writing a packing list
  • shower
Things I'm most likely going to end up doing:
  • eat some ice cream
  • browse Pinterest
  • watch Persuasion
  • half-heartedly work on my nephew's birthday banner (What? I've got 3 whole days... sorta.)
  • eat some more ice cream
  • fall asleep in my clothes with the lights on
These are the kinds of crazy shenanigans I get into when I'm all alone. I know, I know... Calm down, party girl, am I right?

Ahh fine, I'll go fold laundry.

As soon as I have my ice cream.