Wednesday, April 23, 2014

House Shopping: Lighting Edition

Next thing on the shopping list: lighting!

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The hallway, living room, and kitchen will have canned lights so no shopping necessary for those (unless I decide to have a standing lamp in the living room somewhere).

You guys should know though... These shopping posts are just that: window online shopping. Let's not forget I'm pregnant, emotional, hormonal, and indecisive so for me to actually commit something... yeah, that's not gonna happen.

Also, you'll notice that my first options for the kitchen/dining area had an industrial feel to them. After a brainstorming session, we realized that the kitchen is taking on a more vintage, farmhouse vibe so the second options reflect that. Sorta.

All 3 bedrooms will for sure have this white fan/light from Home Depot. It looks gray in their stock picture, but it's white. I like it because the blades have a wood grain texture that makes it look like real wood instead of those cheap plastic looking fans.
As much as I would've loved to install different lights in each bedroom, Brian really wanted fans (especially because it gets crazy hot during the summer). I wasn't totally on board at first but after having fans in all the bedrooms at our previous house, I realized it was a lot easier to cool down a room than running the A/C all day. Also, the fact that Brian made that decision meant that I didn't have to worry about options, like the other lights. Well, ok, you'll see.

I had pinned a few options and Brian liked this one best. We wanted black lighting in the entry/dining/kitchen area because it's basically one big room so we don't want the lights competing with each other (we mostly want the dining room light to stand out). This one will hang right above the front door to just provide light when we come home after dark.

But of course, I have to have another option... I actually haven't found the exact one I want, but to give you an idea, it's like this light but black and only 1 light instead of 3.
 Nautical Cage 3 Light Bath Light
At first I was going to have Brian make something like this light with his brand new welder (that he still has yet to buy).

Steel Polyhedron Pendant Medium

But now I'm leaning more towards something like this. A simple, clean light that won't be too harsh or distracting and blend in perfect with the open, airy vibe we have going on so far.

 Clear Glass Globe Industrial Pendant

Kitchen (for above sink/in front of window)

The pendant for above the sink is the one that I've definitely come nowhere near to deciding. We will most likely do Option #3 which is actually a DIY lamp kit (via A Beautiful Mess) using an Ikea platter and a light kit, because it's the cheapest, but I'm also considering using Entry Option #1 here.  

Kitchen Pendant Options

Decisions, decisions. The thing is that as soon as I think I've made up my mind, I start to second guess myself and then suddenly I'm changing everything. It's a good thing I have a steady husband and a lot of time before I really need to make a choice.  :)