Friday, April 18, 2014

The Potty Chronicles: Day 2

Day 2

I've resolved to give this potty training thing another try. We can do this. I'm feeling calm and positive about it, thanks to an extra long prayer time (and an extra sleepy toddler). This is how the day goes...

Allie sits on the toilet for 15-20 minutes. Nothing happens. She gets bored and decides she doesn't want to sit. I repeatedly ask her if she has to pee. "Nooooo..." is always the reply.

I turn my back for a second to pour some milk on my cereal and she pees on the concrete floor in the kitchen. *Sigh. Not a problem. I feel overwhelming patience as I calmly remind her that pee goes in the toilet. Bleach soaks into the concrete and my cereal gets soggy while it's off to the showers again.

She starts playing again. No pee. No poop. No accidents. Time for a nap.

Wake up from the nap, time to sit on the toilet again. 20 minutes and an indented toddler butt later -- still no pee or poop. Off to play outside since it's nice and warm. While playing with the water hose, she decides it's a good time to pee. Well, at least I can just hose her off since we're already outside and clearly the soggy underwear doesn't bother her. She freaks out because the water is cold (and apparently that's only okay when she splashes it on herself) so it's off to the showers again.

A fresh pair of underwear and we're back outside playing with the hose. It's nap time now so time for another diaper and another 2 treats for mom.

I'm feeling strangely positive about this whole potty training thing but also pretty sure that she's not going to pick it up anytime soon. She just keeps peeing wherever she wants, because that's what she's been doing for a year and a half. Can't blame her.

The question haunts... "Do I give it another day or just throw in the towel and try again in a month?"