Monday, April 14, 2014

House Update: The Entry

One of the things we had to finish before starting on the kitchen was the entry. Brian wanted to patch the holes from tearing down the wall so that when we installed the pantry, we wouldn't have to cover and protect them from paint and texture overspray.

Brian had to install new drywall in the ceiling and on that exposed panel, then drywall mud over everything. After that came 2 coats of texture so that it blended in with the existing walls. Then yours truly stepped in and painted the ceiling and walls with 2 coats of paint while Brian installed the water box and outlet for the fridge.


Allie's new rug photo bombed



Don't mind the pink glow on the left side of the front door. It's because that wall is still peach so it reflects on the lighter, new color. Also lighting in here is already bad as it is, let alone when it's 11 p.m.

It's a small step but for one, there's no hot air seeping in from the attic and more importantly, it looks like there was never a wall there.

Still to do in the entry:
  • buy and install an entry light
  • paint ceiling and wall
  • install some floating shelves for keys, books, random decor (maybe some plants?) 
  • hang a mirror, for obvious reasons (you know... that going-out-the-door once over to make sure you don't have mascara on your cheek)
  • get a basket for shoes (Brian would usually kick off his work shoes right at the door to not track dirt everywhere but these days with concrete floors and all the demo work, we all wear shoes pretty much all the time)
  • install flooring (this will probably be one of the last things we do after all the demo work is done)
Up next, the pantry install...