Monday, April 7, 2014

House Update: The Office

It's finally here... sorta. The office is almost done! It's actually as "done" as we're going to make it right now so we can focus on the kitchen (which really needs to get done before Baby #2 shows up). It still needs baseboards, closet doors, and a new window, but for now, it's considered done.

Let's just rewind... These pictures were taken after we had removed the blue berber carpet, closet doors, and ceiling fan. It took 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint to cover those black walls, but it was so worth it.

And for the after....

Brian installed the new ceiling fan, all new outlets, switches, and plates and the laminate wood flooring. I did most of the painting (pats self on back) while he was at work.

We decided to go with a new ceiling fan because the other fan didn't have a light but we still wanted a fan because summers in Sacramento can be brutal. Our future guests (aka my parents or sisters) will thank us, I'm sure. After pulling up carpet throughout this house, I'm completely convinced that carpet in any house ever is a very, very bad idea. That means we decided to do laminate throughout the whole house (except the bathrooms). I've been on the hunt for some area rugs that will cozy things up a bit in the bedrooms so I'll have to spill on those in a later post.

Since this room is not in use (being the office/guest room), we filled it up with boxes and furniture so we can paint Allie's room (her room was the drop zone for all the boxes when we moved). This is what it looked like before we moved a bunch of boxes in... basically, it's the new drop zone.

I guess you can say it's not a true "after" picture because this is not what we plan on having the room look like long term. But when we've been living with concrete floors and walls in desperate need of paint for a month, I get super excited when I see one room get a little closer to being finished and our house getting a little further from being a construction zone.