Friday, June 3, 2011

Fettucine a la PW

by Steph

Is it bad if I put a picture that I didn't take in my blog? How about if I'm saying I didn't take it and I say who did take it?

THIS IS NOT MY PICTURE!!! This is from Pioneer Woman's Cooking website!!!
I decided to try her fettucine alfredo recipe. You can click here to go to her recipe and instructions. I'm just reviewing it on this site. In no way, shape or form did I come up with this recipe or photograph on my own. (Have I covered all my bases? Do you think she's going to sue me? Please don't Ree.)

First of all, I have no idea how to measure pasta. I usually grab a large handful and eyeball it and think "that's enough for me and the hubs". I don't have a pasta measurer thingy, I don't have a scale in my kitchen, I have my eyeballs.

So far they've served me well.

The problem is, when it came to this recipe, I wasn't sure if I should halve the other stuff because I wasn't sure what a pound of pasta was. So I guessed. I made enough pasta and added the cheese and cream and butter as I saw fit. (I would guess that I did end up using half her recipe)

I must say, it was not as rich as she said it would be and I think that's because I didn't add lots of cheese. BUT it was absolutely delicious the way it came out. In fact, my hubby even remarked that he didn't get the usual "rock in your stomach" feeling after eating this pasta but that it still tasted good even though it wasn't super rich.

I also added some lemon pepper grilled chicken on top so that we'd have some protein and I sauteed some asparagus so that we'd have some smelly pee.

All in all, I'd say good job PW that was a delicious recipe even if I couldn't quite follow it to a T. Next time I make it, I'll add more parmesan and see if that does the trick to make it the fatty, heavy, alfredo we all know and love.