Tuesday, June 14, 2011


by Steph

Lord have mercy.

I'm OBSESSED with design blogs now.

Who knew that a simple inkling to decorate our little apartment would unleash this monster?

Join me please...

From House*Tweaking

From Our Vintage Home Love

From The Lettered Cottage

From Three Men and a Lady

From Three Men and a Lady
So here are the dilemmas/challenges of decorating our little place:
  • It's little. 700 square feet is not much to work with.
  • It's rented. We don't want to put a ton of holes into walls that we'll have to pay for when we move out (evidently they have to repaint the whole place when they see spackled up holes and we'd have to pay for that paint job. And then not even enjoy it.).
  • We're not fancy people. If it doesn't serve a purpose, then it doesn't belong on a coffee table. Or a bed. For example, I'm not a fan of a ton of pillows on a bed that you just have to remove every night (Along Came Polly, anyone?) My husband is DEFINITELY not a fan of having things just for "decorative purposes". He literally tried to understand for a good hour and a half why on earth I needed something on the outside of the plastic shower liner to cover it up. {Fortunately, he loves and trusts me so we did indeed end up with a shower curtain on the outside of our shower liner.}
  • We're not rich people. We're on a teeny tiny nearly non-existent budget. So when people say something like "it only cost $800!!" my jaw drops because that's more than what we pay for rent. This means lots of DIY stuff and thrifted stuff (which actually makes me super excited). The easy thing about that is that we're not painting, ripping out flooring or making any major changes so its merely aesthetic changes.
  • Time. We basically have nights and Saturdays for this. Shopping and DIY time will have to take place in those few hours...
  • Space. Did I already mention this? Not much to work with here.
Help me, people.