Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When? Huh? What day?

by Steph

Hey party people, I'm back. Long wonderful Memorial Day weekend...

  • Sermons on the way to LA
  • Eating Stonefire 3 times
  • Buying my truck (not really a highlight but I'm glad the lease is over and done with - what a nightmare)
  • Bekki getting married
  • Kyle standing on a stool to kiss her
  • Face time with my awesome ex-roommates
  • Staying at Hotel Baby Sister's Apartment
  • Grace on Sunday - John Mac was bringing the Word and I love to hear that man preach
  • My husband graciously enduring 2 hours of different musical songs on the way home
  • New Ikea bedroom set (pics to come soon!)
  • Spending 4 hours putting together the new Ikea bedroom set
  • SAMPLE SALE Yes, I left this for last because we need to just take a moment to talk about this sample sale. In LA every few months, a certain unnamed employee gets wind of a certain sample sale which means a giant warehouse of clothes at $2-3 a piece. This means one thing: I go into hyperactive crazy shopper mode. I mean $3 is an AMAZING deal for any item of clothing and the fact that I can get dresses seen at Macy's or Target for that price is just too good to pass up. So this was my second sample sale and true to form, I filled my extra large trash bag to the brim and don't you think for one second I wasn't dragging that full trash bag around the warehouse to see what other clothing items I could find. Now, because I only had $33 in cash from my husband, I had to narrow it down to 11 things {allegedly I cleaned him out but I think he planned to only have that much in his wallet because he didn't want me to go too crazy}. All it took was pulling clothes out of the bag and having the Nazi (aka Baby Sister) give a thumbs up or thumbs down. And even when I thought I could get my mom to buy a few more items for me, the Nazi shut that down real quick. "10 ITEMS ONLY!!!" she screamed. Or there was the "Steeeeephaniiiieeeee.... don't be greedy!!!!" In the end, it helped because I picked the things I really, really wanted and I was truly happy with my purchases. {And my husband didn't mind one bit that I didn't have any change for him.}
  • my new black pump wedges giving me blisters
  • getting swindled by the greasy Toyota salesman with a gold watch and pinky ring
  • not going to the beach because buying a car apparently takes 3 hours
  • my palms being sore from having to screw 5,682 things into our new Ikea bedroom set
  • no Disneyland
And because it is week 2, here is another vacay outfit...