Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday the 13th?

by Steph

Most blogs I read have a thing: on Friday's they give 5 things that make them happy, or on Monday's they say things that are on their minds, etc.

My blog would be like those blogs if I could remember what I picked for which day. It appears that Monday's (typically) are outfits for Maui days. Friday's are (typically) what I'm looking forward to on my all-too-short weekend. The rest of the days are just a jumbalaya of other stuff.

I know that's a weird word to use but I don't get to use it often. And it works here.

Kind of.

Since it's Monday and outfit day, I'll post another one for you. But here's a few things to point out before then:
  • I don't actually buy these things every week. The perk of having this blog is that I can create these outfits for absolutely free!!! Some of the things I do have in my closet but most of them are things that are similar to what I have in my closet. If I could show you what I have in my closet, well, then this would be a personal fashion blog. But I don't have the time or energy to be taking pictures of my outfits every day to show you. At least not yet. Maybe someday.....
  • I do actually own these Ray-bans. Perks of having a mother who also is an eye doctor. Thanks Mom!
  • I do not actually own those Aviator Ray-bans from the last outfit. I do however own a very similar pair from the flea market that cost me $5 buckaroos. And yes, I tried to haggle the lady down to $4. She didn't buy it. I was forced to eat my words but I still really wanted those sunglasses so I happily handed her my dignity along with that $5 bill.
  • If you are paying attention, some of the things in the outfits are repeats. Like these shorts from today. Because normal people pack things for vacations that they can wear multiple times. And I am kind of aspiring to be normal. Well, procrastinating aspiration actually.
  • I do also own a pair of Rainbow sandals (also shown below). I did own 2 pairs but when I got married and moved to our new apartment, the black Rainbows that I had so lovingly broken in were lost to a black hole. Along with a favored gray cardigan, a yellow and gray scarf and 2 tank tops. Now THAT was a real tragedy. Nothing compared to the teddy bear incident.
  • I also own that swimsuit shown. You can read more about that life-changing decision here.
  • Without further ado....

Maui Day #4

American Eagle Outfitters scoop neck tank top, $18
American Eagle Outfitters racer back tank top, $16
J Crew ruched bikini, $88
Old Navy distressed shorts, $25
Arch shoes, $46
American Eagle Outfitters cotton canvas tote, $12
Old Navy clear jewelry, $5.50
Ray-Ban logo sunglasses, $145
Vintage style hat, $18