Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Arts 'n Crafts

by Steph

The day has finally come. I sat my butt down and loaded all these artsy craftsy pictures onto a flash drive and REMEMBERED to bring it!!! Please enjoy as this probably won't happen again. Okay maybe it will...

Craft Phase #1: Use up all the felt flowers from my sister's wedding. 3 months (or so) ago I was making felt flowers like a madwoman. I had a serious deadline to work with: my big sister's wedding. Remember those days when I wasn't blogging as much? Anyway, I wasn't concerned about getting pictures of the process, I was concerned with getting it DONE.

3 months later, I'm still finding scraps of felt in our couch cushions.

I finally decided to grab a few wreaths at Joann's and get crafting. These flowers need to be upcycled. {I've heard that word used and I think it works here.} These were easy since all the flowers were pre-made (by me of course). It took about an hour to knock out 3 wreaths at a time, except for the yarn one. I experimented with that one but I decided that I like branches better. Not because they're easier, but because I'm obsessed with woodsy rustic stuff these days.

The 2nd to last pictures are of a headband/belt that I made for a special request from my sister's co-worker/friend/my friend. She's been patiently waiting several months for it and I hope she's pleased with the results. :)

The last picture is one my husband took on the 4th of July. I figured since I didn't actually post any of those pictures, you guys could at least see the one that was my favorite.