Thursday, July 14, 2011

The third day

by Steph

I've been debating whether I should tell you or not what happened yesterday. I wouldn't want to cause jealousy and envy but I also don't want to leave you hanging.... so here goes.

Yesterday, I....
  • Actually worked all day at work. So annoying when they make me actually do work at work.
  • Went home, fell asleep for an hour, had dinner, then crafted. Boy, did I ever craft. I was on a ROLL. I'd say pictures to come, but that'd just get your hopes up.
  • Turned into one of those bloggers I envy {you know, the ones who have all these adorable shoes and purses "courtesy of (insert designer name here)"}. Get this: not only was my mom's BFF able to get me those D&G glasses (!!!) {courtesy of a generous benefactor}, she was also able to order a pair of Ray-ban Aviators (seen here) AND a pair of D&G's for my hubsy. When she text'd me, I almost peed my pants from excitement. I mean, it's not the first pair of designer glasses I've ever had - she's usually able to hook us up with a pair from time to time. However, since moving to Sacramento, being 300 miles away and all makes it a little difficult to stop in for an eye exam and walk away with some new sunnies. BUT lo and behold, God is GOOD. I didn't have to rob a Sunglass Hut after all.
  • Discovered that unlike the rest of the world, I am not a fan of Pinterest. It takes too long to load a page (which tries my patience) and it's just very unorganized (which tries my OCD tendencies). I'm not giving up on it yet, but I have an inkling that I might not be "Pinterest" material.
  • Procrastinated...yet again... painting 2 lamps I found at Habitat for Humanity.
  • Found 2 new blogs. I haven't decided if I will keep following them but I realized that I am OBSESSED with all white home decor. It's just lovely. I want everything white and natural wood and galvanized steel with pops of colors like yellow or green. {I don't really know what galvanized is but I've heard it said before and thought I'd just throw it in here.}
  • Here's some of the ideas/inspiration I found...