Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweater Update

by Steph

Last night I crocheted til my fingers fell off.

Well, obviously not literally otherwise I wouldn't be typing this.

I crocheted about 3 inches worth. Not much, I know. My poor fingers were so stiff that I'm sure by the time I'm finished with this thing I will have arthritis. How do old women knit/crochet all the time?!?!?!

Now it only took so long to do so little because after crocheting about 2 inches of ONE SIDE of my sweater, I realized that I was doing a stitch wrong and also that the pattern I was following either had a typo or was wrong. Either way, I had to undo all my work down to the foundation chain and restart.

For some reason, when I pull out stitching it really REALLY bothers my husband. He hates it. He can't stand watching me undo all that hard work I just did. Me? Well I think it's just as fun to undo it as it is to do it. That's a lot of 2 letter words at the end there.

Now usually when I get to that point of something, I give up. If it becomes too hard, it's not worth the time. "Just go out and buy something similar and save yourself the heartache" I tell myself.


I can't just go out and buy something.

I am DETERMINED to make this sweater work and by golly, I'm going to finish it! And if it ends up looking like a reject from the Goodwill Grandma Sweater Section, who cares!

Well, I'll care. And then I won't wear it. And all that work will be for nothing. So let's hope it turns out. For the sake of my fingers.

I suppose this sweater making business is going to take awhile so don't expect to see me modeling it anytime soon...

UPDATE: After I posted that, Google was kind enough to show some ads for "Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis". Thanks Google, for helping me become a hypochondriac.