Monday, July 18, 2011


by Steph

Guess what! I survived camping! It was actually much more fun than I anticipated and I didn't even have to sleep on rocks or smell like smoke (that much). I did get to relax, hear some good sermons, watch my husband play volleyball (I decided to sit out unless there was a group of Jr. High Girls playing) and enjoy time with our church family.

Guess what else! 7 weeks left until Maui! Now that the rest of our summer vacations are out of the way, that's what I'm focusing on 100% now.

Guess what else! I don't know what else to write about today. Something about an upcoming audit and writer's block that doesn't help blogging so much. Also, I literally had no ideas for the title of this post. So I was just super original and creative with it.

I think I'll just stick to what I'm good at. Online shopping.

Note: I just love that charm bracelet. When I was little ALL I wanted was a charm bracelet from Disneyland (which are RAGING expensive) and I never got one. Not that I'm bitter... but I still do have a special place in my heart for those charm bracelets. And this one is fun because its all sailor-y and nautical which totally jives with the dress.

Yes, I did just say jives.


H M stripe dress, £13
American Eagle Outfitters strap shoes, $15
American Eagle Outfitters messenger bag, $20
Forever21 bezel jewelry, $20
H m jewelry, £5.99
Forever21 braided jewelry, $3.80
ASOS red shades, $21