Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today's Outline

by Steph

  • I decided I'm going to stop giving you false hope. I will not have any of my own pictures on this blog. {This way, if you have really low expectations, you'll be overjoyed when I do post pictures and it'll be a treat instead of some ridiculously high expectation.}
  • Seriously, whose idea was it to start a blog with no internet at home? Not mine. Well, it was mine but I need to find someone else to blame it on.
  • I need to figure out how I'm going to get those sunglasses. The ideas so far are: rob a Sunglass Hut, sell a kidney, ask my mom's BFF if she can get them at cost (she works at an optometrist's office). I'm going with option C for now since we're still 2 months away from Hawaii and I have time, but if you happen to read a story on the news that says some crazy woman held up a Sunglass Hut for just one pair of sunglasses... it wasn't me. Let the scheming begin.
  • Yesterday I added some finishing touches to our new (to us) tv stand. Too bad you guys will never see it. Remember? Low expectations? Building character and all that what-not?
  • Today I'm hoping to get around to painting some lamps that we found at Habitat for Humanity. They're a brassy gold color right now and you can tell by how old the plugs are that they've been around longer than flare jeans. Let the spray painting begin!
  • I'm running into design issues for our apartment. See, my husband has lots of...stuff. Not junk. Stuff. Like a super old radio with ginormous speakers from his grandpa's house. How does one incorporate that into a design scheme? {Seriously, someone tell me how because those things are going nowhere. I tried. He's stronger than me.} "Where you going?? You're goin'....NOWHERE!" Name that movie!!! UPDATE: The Boondock Saints
  • Speaking of strength, we had to move our 600 lb TV a few nights ago. Don't ask why because then I'll have to tell you about the new (to us) tv stand that I don't have pictures of. Now my husband was.... umm... skeptical about my abilities to lift my end of the TV about a foot up to get it on top of the stand. He asked me about four times if I had my hands in the handles. He said if I couldn't lift it to tell him - not drop it. All that worrying made my hands sweaty so the first time around I panicked and yelled "No! Wait! I'm not ready!!!" (even though he asked three times if I was ready). The second time around.... I DID IT!!!! And yes, I absolutely rubbed it in his face that I was able to lift my end of the 800 lb TV up 2 feet to get it on top of the stand. {I mean it was really like a thousand pounds.} Never mind the fact that I strained my wrist (which I'm 90% sure has carpal tunnel already) and it throbbed the rest of the night. Never mind that part. Let's just focus on the part where I gloated and proved to my husband that these noodles I call arms are capable of something!
  • On that note... (featuring... of course... those sunglasses)


Old Navy t shirt, $20
Old navy shorts, $25
American Eagle Outfitters strappy sandals, $15
Zara leather messenger bag, $40
Gold ring, $15
Forever21 hoop earrings, $3.80
Dolce & Gabbana dolce gabbana sunglasses, $315