Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend List

On one hand, I can hardly believe it will be August on Monday. Umm... excuse me, Fall? Who said you could come so soon? No one invited you to be here early.

On the other hand, how slowly has this week been going by??? Is it just me? Goodness gracious it felt like time stopped while I was sitting at my desk.

But on the other hand (because evidently now I have 3 hands), I've also felt like I have so many ideas bursting out of my head for DIY projects and no time to do them.

It could be that all my spare time is being spent crocheting and boy, is that slow going. I might give up just because I'll be 50 by the time I'm done and won't even know what a swimsuit cover-up is. Maybe it won't be too late by then to turn it into an old lady sweater with shoulder pads and sparkles.

But let's look at the bright sides, shall we?

This weekend my husband and I will be making a little day trip to San Francisco to see the sharks.

Just kidding. I don't think there are sharks there. Not man-eating ones anyway. Ask my sister. Maybe they'd just nibble on your toes to scare you. What were we talking about again?

Oh yes. San Fran. Home of the Giants whom I would loathe for all eternity (being that my blood runs Dodger blue) except that I married a man who plays baseball, lives in Nor Cal and not only that, but because he was a pitcher (and a closer for that matter) he's a fan of The Bearded Brian Wilson. Could he be a bigger Giants fan?

What, you haven't heard of the "Fear the Beard" that's swept the nation? It's only because they won the World Series last year or something like that so now everyone loves them. (I actually typed Superbowl instead of World Series. I should've just left it because that would've shown how much I truly care about it.)

I'll never sell out. Doyers for life! (That's the Mexican in me...)

Anyway, back to my story (rabbit trails anyone?). We're going to meet up with some friends from LA who will be passing through on their way back from Oregon. An hour and a half to see a dear friend is MUCH easier than 6 hours to see a dear friend so I jumped at the chance.

Oh and an hour and a half in the car = 1 inch crocheted on my sweater. Yippee!!!