Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some things...

by Steph

I'm just going to give it to you straight.

I don't think I can be a DIY (or decor or crafting) blogger.

Yesterday, we finally got around to painting those lamps. We removed the shades, the light bulbs and were just about to tape when I gasped "I forgot to take before pictures!!!" So we quickly took before pictures but they're not true before pictures mostly because we're lazy.

Then my husband painted away. I forgot to take pictures of him painting because I was making dinner.

Then he started painting a basket we found at Marshall's for $14 and proudly showed me the (almost) finished result.

"Did you take before pictures?" I hesitantly inquired, somehow knowing the answer.


My sweet husband knew I wanted it painted, so he did just that. Luckily for you people, we bought two of the baskets so I can take pictures of the other one (which remains unpainted since we ran out of spray paint) and forget this ever happened.

Here's a new dilemma. I actually started looking for things around our apartment that I wanted to paint. I found: a corkboard that I want to re-do the trim on, a birdcage, a drawer-stand-thing, a few bottles and vases and some candleholders.

"Obsess much?" (said like Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura)

Also, I bought some muslin at Joann's to do a project for a friend and decided to replace one of my pillow case covers. Yes, once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away I made 4 pillow case covers and guess what? I didn't take pictures of the whole process. Although, to be fair, that was in the early stages of my blogging life and I still was so new to all these rules and stuff.

Please don't leave me guys.

If anything, keep reading my blog for all the witty comments and movie quotes, yes?