Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mashed Potatoes

by Steph

I make mashed potatoes about once every other week. I know, super healthy right? But they're just a good side dish for any grilled chicken or steak and they're super easy to make.
This picture was taken by Ree aka P-Dub of course. I didn't exactly follow her recipe of mashed potatoes but I did steal a secret ingredient.

Cream cheese.

I promise you, it makes the potatoes creamy and delicious and yummy and gone within minutes. You wouldn't even know it was there.

Let me back up...yesterday, my husband made PW's pot roast.

Yep. My husband cooked. All by himself with hardly any help from me. THAT is a testament to how amazing Ree's recipe instructions are. Not that he's incapable, but the fact that I only got one text asking me where our Kosher Salt was (to which I replied, we don't have any - use regular salt) is well, amazing. The only thing my husband really cooks all alone is steak and that's because he doesn't trust me. He usually helps with other stuff but this was his very first time flying solo.

Aren't you proud of him? I am.

Now normally, he doesn't cook dinners. But when I told him we'd be eating late because the pot roast takes a few hours and I wouldn't be able to start it until I got home, he volunteered to make it. I have a sneaky feeling his stomach was like "HOURS?!?!?! NOOOOOO!!!" and the thought of making it early by himself was much more acceptable than waiting until 8:30 to eat.

Anyway, he threw the pot roast (not literally) in the oven right before I got home from work and a few hours later it was perfectly done. Let me just add here, if you grill everything like you're supposed to, it does make a difference. {Yes Jen, you told me so.} So don't be like me -- follow recipes like you're supposed to.

At the end of PW's Pot Roast recipe, she adds that it must be eaten with her mashed potatoes. And when Ree says something, you do it.

You can click over to PW's recipe to see what she puts into the mashed potatoes. (which is very similar to mine) but I use non-fat milk instead of half 'n half and I use regular salt instead of Lawry's seasoned salt.

If it were Thanksgiving, I'd use half 'n half and maybe even throw in some grated cheddar cheese because I wouldn't care about gaining multiple pounds from eating these delicious potatoes. However, in real life, eating fatty potatoes every week would not be good for the husby and I. Or our arteries.

The end result was yummy deliciousness and I promise our plates looked just like this. (Seriously, we have reddish orange-y plates that look just like that...)