Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Here We Go Again

by Steph

This is what happens when your husband has a birthday:
  • You want to take him out to dinner, but he decides he doesn't want to go anywhere. And now you have to cook.
  • You cook the meal and then serve up dessert (his favorite: my cheesecake) and all seems well.
  • You watch a few episodes of The Office because he just wants to relax (and let's face it, you do too).
  • You fall asleep at an early hour because now you're both old.
  • You wake up at 6:20, which is the time you need to leave the house if you're going to get to work on time.
  • You forget you have a blog and therefore forget the flash drive with the pictures of explosions and therefore have to ashamedly admit to all your readers that you are once again, a liar.
This doesn't happen to everyone, mind you. Just me.

I'm sorry!!!

Please don't leave me...

I really do think someday we'll leave The Dark Ages and finally get internet at our apartment. But in the meantime, you'll have to just be patient. I'm really just helping you build character.

Now on to more important things.

Today's outfit was inspired by one of the lovely ladies at my church. If you can still be adorable at 9 months pregnant, good for you! And she can.

Please notice something else: I adore Old Navy. If you can't tell, most of the key items in my outfit posts come from Old Navy, Target or Forever 21. This is because when you get married, your shopping budget goes *poof*. And all those places have cute clothes for people with vanishing budgets.

Imagine what happens to that budget when you have kids.


{Side note: (because I can get sidetracked easily) did you know it costs like $200 just to get a stroller for a baby? Not to mention another $200 for a crib??? Why is the world capitalizing on baby making???}

At any rate, everyone should own a pair (or 2, if you're like me) of white shorts. I know, white is scary. And there's "rules" about when you can wear them (although I never pay attention to those). But white is so clean and crisp and light that it just says "summer". It does. I've heard it.


Old Navy ruffle top, $27
Old Navy khaki shorts, $16
Forever21 flat sandals, $16
H M straw handbag, £30
Forever21 chronograph watch, $19
Forever21 earrings, $3.80
Forever21 sunglasses, $5.80