Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Things

by Steph

I have NO patience for DIY projects. Seriously. We had to do another coat on the lamps and you should've heard me whine. "Whyyyy??? I want them to be doooooone... Whyyy is it taking so loooongg-uhh?"

My husband's response "Wow. That sounded really whiny. Put your mask on." (For painting, I don't wear masks around the house. Usually.)

So we painted a 2nd coat on the lamps and this time, THIS time they will be done. I hope.

My husband is all "You'll care when they start peeling, you want it to be done right, blah blah blah." {Okay, I know he's right but my instant gratification side wants to see results people!!!}

Remember how I said he had patience and I didn't? Ha. Is it obvious now?

Secondly, Alexy (the second shooter at our wedding) is marrying Marianna (one of the coolest girls at our church). I love these 2 people! They have become such sweet friends and I'm so excited for their wedding! Also, the photographer for their wedding is the photographer for our wedding and she's pretty amazing if I do say so myself... :)

Click here for their engagement shoot and if you're curious, click here for a few pictures of our wedding...