Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday list

by Steph

Look! I remembered that on Friday's I do lists!

This weekend I will be:
  • Enjoying 3 full days off of work.
  • Enjoying the fact that this week I had a short work week and next week will also be a short week (counting Monday which I have off).
  • Crafting!!! Ooh I can't wait to show you guys what I'm working on. Housewives in Minnesota will swoon. {Yes Marie, I'm talking to you. Hahah... jk.} But seriously this is the kind of thing that craftsy, Mid-western, home-loving, women will enjoy. And because I'm one of those {or aspiring to be one anyway, except for the Mid-western part} I decided to try it. We'll see how it turns out!
  • Planning something special for my husband who is having a birthday on Tuesday. (Hint: it involves his favorite cheesecake. Okay that was it. That was the special thing. But if you knew my husband, he'd take the cheesecake like it was a Rolls Royce. Or something expensive that guys like. iPads?)
  • Scheming a way to spend a few hours by the pool and maybe start looking like the true half-Mexican that I am.
  • Watching my husband, his dad and 3 little brothers blow up our street. Or something like that with fireworks.
  • Remembering that this country was founded by men who believed that God should be given the glory always. Oh how far we've fallen... but someday, someday God will get all the glory again. I'll try to not say "I told you so".
I know... you thought I missed planning an outfit this week, huh? Not a chance.

Now I want you guys to know this is my dream "I'm-spending-a-day-at-the-beach" outfit.

In real life, floppy hats will keep my face from being tan, shoes with heels would cause multiple casualties walking across sand, and I'd really be wearing a towel - not a dress. But in real life, I would be wearing that swimsuit. Are you guys sick of hearing about that swimsuit? Well, too bad.

Here it is anyway and you can judge for yourself how likely it is that you would find yourself in something similar...


Forever21 shift dress, $28
J Crew beach bikini, $88
Old Navy wedge heels, $20
Magid hobo handbag, $30
Sun hat, £20
Forever21 sunglasses, $5.80