Friday, July 15, 2011

Party people

by Steph

Last night right after dinner, my husband left for our church retreat (I'm joining him after I get off work today). That was the first night that I've spent alone in our apartment.

I slept with the hall light on and left a movie playing on my laptop.

"Can Tracy pick them or can't she?"
"Well, if you're asking me--"
"I'm not."
(Name that movie) UPDATE: The Philadelphia Story

So because my husband was gone I decided to par-tay. "P-A-R-T-why? Because I GOTTA!" Name that movie! UPDATE: The Mask

This is how I party:
  • trip to Joann's for more crafty supplies
  • pop in Emma (the Gwyneth Paltrow version)
  • grab a tub of cookie dough
  • craft for 5 hours
  • accidentally stab myself with a hot glue gun
I know, guys. It got caaarrrraaazzzyyyyy.....

Just for the record... I do not like living alone. Shadows, I've discovered, scare me. Although sometimes my husband also hides and scares me so I'm not sure which is worse...

We do this weird thing where we like to scare each other. One time he scared me so bad I started crying. And yes, I was PMSing. Thanks for asking.

This weekend I will be.....
  • camping. Like real camping. Like outdoors in tents and sleeping on the ground. For the first time ever in my life. The closest I've come is when we went to Yosemite and we had to sleep on the back porch of a house in a tent. On an air mattress. Don't judge me guys... I just don't have the opportunity! And also, it's not exactly...desirable. "Hey wanna go sleep on a bed of rocks in the cold and smell like smoke for a few days?" "Why, sure! That sounds fantastic!"
  • catching a few more volleyballs with my face. I'm not sure why, but our church loves to play volleyball. I think we've discussed in length my ability to play sports. I usually have one or two shining moments and the rest are opportunities for God to humble me. Or humiliate me....
  • Hearing lots of sermons on Numbers! Don't get to hear that book preached on very often...
  • sleeping on a bed of rocks in the cold and smelling like smoke for a few days. Yay.
  • plotting my life as a crafting fiend. A FIEND, I tell you! More on that later...
Alright darlings, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and don't forget: fish are friends, not food.